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How to Create an Unique Office Space

Tired of working from home on your couch or bed? Don’t have enough space to fit a desk? Well, we are here to reassure you that no matter what your space situation is, there is always a way to create a clean and envisioning space for you to work in!

You can create an office with hardly any space; you just need the right amount of table or desktop to lay out your computer and notepad or whatever tools you use to accomplish your daily tasks. If you don’t have a spot for drawers, consider some using baskets, small boxes, or anything DIY related object to store your essentials.

(Photo by Paul Whicheloe)

If space is tight, consider creating a desk off of wall shelves or a vanity in which the mirror can be lowered when using it for a computer or writing space. Details such as the same colored pens, pencils, storage boxes, staplers, etc. can come off as more relaxing when following a pattern. The last thing to consider is creating some sort of vision board that showcases all of your daily inspirations. This can range from pictures of loved ones, dream travel destinations, magazine clippings, postcards and more! Making your office a space a comfortable work environment is crucial to productivity and positive success!

(Photo by @Homepolish)

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