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Quick and Cheap Ways to Create Curb Appeal

The phrase “never judge a book by its cover” is often true but not when it applies to selling your home. Meaning that the moment potential buyers see the exterior of your home, they will start making assumptions. If your home lacks curb appeal, buyers will quickly move on to the next house on their list without even looking inside. That is why it is important to invest time and money to give your house proper curb appeal. Adding curb appeal to your home not only makes it easier to sell, but it also gives your home that nice and finished look in which you can take pride in. So here are some small and inexpensive ways to quickly give your home the curb appeal it deserves.

Paint the Front Door/Trim – A gallon of paint costs around $30 but a fresh coat of vibrant paint can make your house stick out among your neighbors. While your window trim should be a neutral color, try something bold for your front door!

Replace Exterior Lighting – If your exterior lighting is cheap or old looking, give it a quick makeover by replacing it with more fitting light fixtures that complement your home as well as light up the entryway. Try checking salvage shops as you might be able to find cool vintage lighting that might give character to your home.

Install New House Numbers – If your home has faded house numbers on it, purchase some new numbers to make it pop from the curb. Try to get numbers with the same finish as the exterior lighting fixtures. For only a couple of dollars per number, it is a great investment.

Add Flower Boxes – Adding flower boxes are a quick way to give your home color. Window flower boxes are relatively cheap but add so much curb appeal. If you don’t want to have window flower boxes, add a flower box to your front porch railing or buy potted plants to place on your front step. However, remember that you have to maintain the flowers to keep the curb appeal.

Plant a Tree – One of the quickest ways to add instant curb appeal is by planting a tree. But remember, when you plant the tree, account for how big the tree will get after several years of growth.

These quick and easy projects will add tremendous value and curb appeal to your home so give one of them a try! To learn other great real estate tips, check out the Real Estate Tip of the Week page in the Live section of our website!

*Photo from @inspire_me_home_decor Instagram's Account

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