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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

It's present day 2016. More than ever, health and fitness play a key component in urban communities across the country. When you combine honest eating with growing local, what do you get in return? honeygrow.

Founded in 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, honeygrow was started by Justin Rosenberg’s desire to provide more creative and locally grown meal options than that currently existed. Defeated by today's fast food culture and unhealthy options, Justin decided to create a community that allowed for pure, clean and nourishing food. It quickly started to grow and honeygrow found itself expanding rapidly in the Northeast. This past fall, honeygrow opened a brand new location in Pentagon City on the exterior of the Fashion Centre located at 100 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA, between Zara and Macy's.

honeygrow offers its customers a unique dining experience from the moment they walk in the door and place their order on new modern touchscreens (pictured). Customers can order the freshestingredients with just the touch of a button that allows for a quick, simple and deliciously prepared meal. When you eat at this Pentagon City location, you will easily notice the incredible artwork and images throughout the restaurant created by Kate Macdonnell. Another note that makes honeygrow so unique is their mission to create a clean, sustainable dining environment while also providing simple, fresh ingredients. The Pentagon City location is the first honeygrow to feature sustainable accoya wood and yellow pine that was originally created from recyclable wood along with chairs produced from waste plastics.

Open daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, honeygrow continuously changes their menu based on the season and local produce availability. Their hand-illustrated menu boards and local lists are updated on a regular basis to allow for growth and consistently fresh food leaving customers satisfied and wanting more. You will not find any freezers in their restaurants because all of their products are sourced fresh and locally which allows for a clean and delicious meal.

honeygrow offers a wide array of menu items (pictured below) which include tasty stir- frys such as the spicy garlic, the red coconut curry, the regional Chesapeake crab and countless more options. Some of their suggested salad menu options include the Cobb, the Caravan, and the Walnut St. noodle salad! Although their suggested dishes are delicious, everything on their menu is fully customizable and includes vegan and gluten free options as well. In addition to their stir-frys and salads, honeygrow also has a sweet treat snack called a “honeybar”. When ordering a honeybar, honeygrow allows its customers to choose 3 fruits, 2 crunchy toppings (coconut flakes, granola, chocolate chips, etc.), and 1 honey (wildflower, buckwheat, or clover) and. I don't know about you, but that honeybar is calling our name!

To learn more about the honeygrow experience, visit their website. If you live in the Greater Washington DC area, look out for honeygrow's new location coming soon in Chinatown! Also, look out for a future Discover Arlington + honeygrow event in 2017!

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