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Highlight Your Home's 'Hot Spots'

In this week’s Real Estate Tip of the Week, I want to talk about how you can energize buyers with the design of 'hot spots' throughout your home. Whether you own a 1.5 million dollar new construction craftsman in Lyon Village or a 1 bedroom condo in Ballston, you need to highlight your home’s 'hot spots' when selling your home.

Now, what do I mean by a 'hot spot'? Well, a 'hot spot' is a particular area of your home that sparks a memorable moment that entices a homebuyer's emotions. Research has shown that the design and amenities of a room have the power to evoke positive emotions and memories that a buyer will cling on to and make your home stand out in their mind. Features like fireplaces, high ceilings, and built-ins help increase the level of appeal and help create a 'hot spot' in your home.

When staging your home for the market, you have to play up the most popular areas of the home which are centered around these three elements: socializing, relaxation, and function. The more a particular area of your home has these three elements, the more it will be a 'hot spot' in your home. For example, a kitchen overlooking the living room is a common 'hot spot' in many homes. Buyers will envision hosting guests in this space or envision watching their children playing in the living room while they prepare dinner. If you can properly highlight the areas of the home where homebuyers can envision creating memories with their family, you will greatly increase the chances of them submitting an offer.

It’s the small things like highlighting your home’s 'hot spots' that will energize buyers and get your home sold. To read more quick real estate tips, click here.

*Picture from @oldseagrovehomes Instagram Account. Inspiration for this post came from this article.

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