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8 Steps to Declutter Your Home

We all have clutter whether we like it or not. We accumulate things slowly over time till one day we look up and realize every crevice and crack in our home is filled with something that we hardly use in the first place. Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or just have too much stuff, decluttering is something that most of us (probably all of us) should do on a consistent basis. While it is something that we often put off doing, it can be gratifying and lead to a much happier life. If you plan on selling your home, decluttering is a must! Photos of cluttered homes turn buyers away so quickly Decluttering your home will make it seem bigger, more inviting to its guest, and make it sell quicker. To make the decluttering process easier, I have come up with 8 quick and easy steps to help you tackle that cluttered master closet or messy garage that you've been avoiding for so long.

Break It Down Decluttering can be overwhelming especially if you have a lot of things to clear out. Help yourself by focusing on one room at a time. If that's too much, break the room into sections and slowly conquer one section at a time until you look up and find yourself standing in a clean room.

Take Before And After Pictures When you are about to start the decluttering process, take a picture of what the room or section looks like in its current state. Once you are done decluttering, take an after picture. When you compare the two, you will have an instant sense of accomplishment and the motivation to start decluttering the next section/room!

Does It Add Value? If you are like me, then you have a hard time getting rid of anything. This habit results in the accumulation of things that are rarely ever used. Thus, ask yourself one simple question....Does it add value to your life? For example, if you have a bunch of clothes that you've had since college but haven't worn them since, do they really add value to your life?? If you answer no, get rid of it. If you don't like throwing things away, then grab a bag/box and donate everything that no longer adds value to your life.

Get A Declutter Buddy It is easy to get attached to items that you don't really need or use anymore. That is why, it is important to have a friend help you in the declutter process. They will be honest with you and force you to get rid of those in-between items that you probably would have kept if you were doing it by yourself.

Give Something New A Try Has a certain room in your home looked the same for years? If it has, mix it up and give it a fresh new look. Remove all the items from a section of your home, clean the area of any dust or dirt, and rearrange the "necessary items" back in place to give it a fresh new look.

Make It Fun Decluttering doesn't have to be a painful experience. Make the process fun by blasting music while you clean. If you really get into it, you might find yourself dancing! Also, reward yourself for your hard work. After you finish a room or section, treat yourself to your favorite lunch spot or buy yourself cool organization products.

What Caused The Clutter In The First Place? Do you not like throwing things out? Do you say to yourself, I'll get to it later, but never do? Figure out the main reason why you create clutter and work out a solution so it doesn't happen again. For example, if you don't like throwing things away, keep a donation box in your storage area and throw things in there that you no longer need. Once it gets full, donate it and repeat!

Make it a Habit No matter what, you have to make your new clutter-free life the new norm. If you don't make it a habit, you are going to end up where you started in 6 months.

While we all know decluttering can be overwhelming, it can also be super rewarding and gratifying. It is actually proven that organizing and decluttering your personal space will relieve stress and help you focus on the more important things in your life. Start by breaking the problem down, take before and after pictures, toss and donate stuff with a buddy, and make it a habit! If you do these things, you will rid yourself of the unnecessary clutter!

*Photo from @homepolish Instagram Account

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