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Fork + Spoon Supper Club July Recap

The third monthly Fork + Spoon Supper Club partnered with Sweetgreen in Ballston, VA to come together for healthy, delicious salads and meaningful conversation. We brought together a group of like-minded individuals to share their stories with one another.

This month's Fork + Spoon Supper Club was centered around "What Motivates You". We are passionate about connecting with motivated people. We want to know what motivates you. What are you passionate about whether it be your career, your family, your side hustle, your love of sports, friends, etc. We are all about bringing people together + building community and what better way to do that than having an inspiring discussion with new friends over a delicious meal.

Once our conversations died down and our plates were empty, the members of the Fork + Spoon Supper Club will continue to connect and grow. We have created a separate group for those members to continue the conversation and find ways to meet up and help one another.

About the Fork + Spoon Supper Club:

One of our missions at Discover Arlington is to bring people together and create a sense of community. We thought what better way to bring people together than by sitting down and chatting over a delectable dish and refreshing drink. Therefore, Discover Arlington hosts a monthly dinner for 8-10 people at different classic restaurants across Arlington, VA. Each month, we plan on having a different theme to connect + inspire our guests. If you're interested in learning more, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. To find out more about the Fork + Spoon Supper Club, visit our website.

Thank you to Sweetgreen Ballston for hosting us!

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