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Introducing Discover Arlington Perks Club Card


We are SO excited to welcome our incredible community to The Discover Arlington 2022 Local Perks Club! This new initiative is something that our team has been putting their sweat, blood & tears into and we could not be more ecstatic to share this news with all of you. Introducing the Discover Arlington Local Perks Club! All of you now have FREE access to be a member and get exclusive perks and discounts from a variety of incredible local businesses in Arlington, VA! This is just the start as we will be adding even more in the next few weeks.

Interested in getting your card now? Fill out the form and your card will be shipped in the mail at no cost to you! That's it! To join our exclusive community, click the link in our bio now or send us a DM! If you're a local business who wants IN on this new community, send us a DM or email 😊 Cheers to all of you!

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