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June 2024 Housing Market Update for Arlington, VA

Wondering what's happening in the Arlington housing market this June? We've got all the latest trends, prices, and insights you need to know! 📈💼


  • Active number of homes on the market – 265

  • Over the last 30 days – 201

  • 1.3 vs 1.2 Months of Supply (Up 8.3% from last month)

  • Average Sales Price (Jan - Jun 2024): $891,334

  • Compared to last year Average Sales Price (Jan - Jun 2023): $828,211

  • Average Sales Price Increase: 7.6% from last year

  • Homes Closed in 2024: 1059

  • Homes Closed in 2019: 1310

  • 19% fewer homes closed compared to 2019

  • Less than 6 months from the election, expect things to slow down

The Arlington housing market has seen significant changes over the past year. With an average sales price increase of 7.6% from last year, the market remains competitive. Despite a 19% decrease in the number of homes closed compared to 2019, there are still plenty of opportunities for buyers and sellers.

As we approach the election, it's important to note that the market may slow down. However, with 265 active homes on the market and 201 homes sold in the last 30 days, there is still plenty of activity.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a home in Arlington, staying informed about the latest market trends is crucial. Be sure to check out our listings and sign up for our upcoming home buying workshop for more detailed insights and personalized advice.

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