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Embrace Spring in Arlington: Your Ultimate Cherry Blossom Bucket List

As spring unfolds its vibrant hues across Arlington, the town comes alive with the soft, enchanting bloom of cherry blossoms. This magical time of year not only transforms the landscape but also brings a plethora of activities and events that celebrate the season's beauty. Discover Arlington invites you to explore our curated spring bucket list, featuring cherry blossom-themed events and must-do activities that encapsulate the essence of spring in our vibrant community.

Stroll Through Bon Air Park Rose Garden

Begin your spring adventure with a leisurely stroll through the Bon Air Park Rose Garden, where the cherry blossoms set a picturesque backdrop. The park's expansive collection of roses and other blooms complements the cherry blossoms, creating a tapestry of colors and fragrances perfect for a tranquil afternoon walk.

Attend the Arlington Festival of the Arts

Spring in Arlington signals the return of the much-anticipated Arlington Festival of the Arts. Held in the heart of Clarendon, this outdoor event showcases a diverse array of artwork against the splendid scenery of cherry blossoms. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience local culture and creativity while enjoying the season's beauty.

Picnic at Theodore Roosevelt Island

Pack a picnic and head to Theodore Roosevelt Island for an idyllic spring day amidst nature. The island's cherry blossoms provide a serene setting for a family picnic or a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. The trails around the island offer splendid views and a chance to explore the natural landscape.

Bike or Jog Along the Mount Vernon Trail

For the more active adventurers, the Mount Vernon Trail presents an ideal route to enjoy the spring weather and cherry blossom views. Stretching along the Potomac River, the trail offers breathtaking vistas of the capital's monuments framed by blooming cherry trees—a perfect backdrop for a bike ride or jog.

Explore the National Cherry Blossom Festival

While not in Arlington, the proximity to the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., makes it a must-visit on your spring bucket list. Participate in the array of events celebrating the cherry blossoms, from cultural performances to fireworks displays, all easily accessible from Arlington.

Join the Spring Celebration with Discover Arlington

Arlington's cherry blossom season is a time of renewal and celebration, offering countless ways to engage with the community and revel in the beauty of spring. From peaceful walks in blooming parks to vibrant festivals, Arlington provides the perfect setting to create lasting spring memories.

Ready to spring into action and explore all that Arlington has to offer this season? Visit Discover Arlington's website for more information on these springtime activities and more. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @‌DiscoverArlington to stay updated on the latest events, activities, and tips for making the most of spring in Arlington.

Let's celebrate the season of blossoms and new beginnings together in Arlington!


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