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The Ultimate Guide to Trick-or-Treating in Arlington, VA

With Halloween just around the corner, Arlington, VA is buzzing with anticipation. This historic town, boasting charming neighborhoods, becomes a hotspot for trick-or-treaters every October. Wondering where to take your little ghouls and goblins? Dive into our guide to the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Arlington, VA.

1. Lyon Village:

Lyon Village, nestled near Clarendon, is a hub of Halloween festivities. Its broad, tree-lined streets see homes adorned with festive decor, creating a magical ambiance. The spirited community ensures a memorable night for kids and adults alike.

2. Aurora Highlands:

Efficiency meets enthusiasm in Aurora Highlands. Its close-packed layout, near Pentagon City, means trick-or-treaters get more treats in less time. The neighborhood's residents are known for their festive spirit and lavish candy offerings.

3. Ashton Heights:

Ashton Heights is where history meets Halloween. Many of its homes have stood since the early 20th century, each with tales of their own. But the true star is the famed N. Jackson Street. Known throughout Arlington for its all-out Halloween displays, this street alone can offer a night's worth of fun and frights.

4. Arlington Forest:

Tucked amidst lush greenery, Arlington Forest combines natural beauty with Halloween spirit. The neighborhood is a maze of streets teeming with enthusiastic homeowners, making it a favorite among families.

5. Fairlington:

The timeless charm of Fairlington is especially palpable during Halloween. Its brick townhomes and tree-canopied streets set the scene for a classic trick-or-treating adventure. Children love the friendly atmosphere, and parents appreciate the safety of this tight-knit community.

In Conclusion:

Arlington, VA offers an unmatched Halloween experience. Dive into its neighborhoods, and you'll discover why it's the prime destination for both thrill-seekers and candy hunters. Stay safe, respect the community, and soak in the Halloween magic!


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