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Rocklands Barbeque

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

In the mood for some tasty barbeque? Head over to Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company on Washington Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia where we are pretty positive you will be drooling from the sight and smell of the meat as soon as you walk through the door. Founded in 1990, John Snedden had been catering picnics, weddings and parties before realizing that he could turn this into a real business. The first restaurant opened in Washington, D.C., shortly followed by Alexandria, Rockville, and Arlington, Virginia. Rocklands is a major hit among the entire Washington ,D.C. area and continues to grow as new locals roll into town. Our favorite dish? The barbeque pulled chicken sandwich with a side of potato salad and Rocklands mouthwatering corn bread. We know you are already in the car on your way there! Something that Rocklands does on a daily basis is offer their blue plate special in which they feature a meat, with two sides and a drink between $10-14.00! Can’t beat that deal!

Looking for get a gift for someone special in your life? Rocklands online store has you covered! Rocklands sells their Original Barbeque Sauce, Citrus Barbeque Sauce, Global Warming Sauce, Malt Salt and Blackening Rub along with other apparel and goods. Perfect for the grilling professional!

To find out more about Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company or to see their online store, visit their website at

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