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Rare Bird Coffee Roasters

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Searching for a local cafe where craft coffee meets unique art? Well, we discovered a brand new coffee shop that brings together fresh roasted coffee and local art work into one location to give customers a nontraditional experience.

Located just outside of Arlington County in Falls Church, Rare Bird Coffee Roasters specializes in high quality roasted coffee. The coffee is roasted in such a way that the aromas and flavors are brought out to their fullest potential leaving the normal coffee guru yearning for one more cup. This isn't the traditional Starbucks experience. Rare Bird Coffee Roasters strives to give customers the best quality in all of their drinks. Another part that makes this shop so special is that every few months, they plan to have a local artist's collection on display (as seen above) which allows the community to indulge in their drinks while appreciating the particular artist's talented exhibition.

Rare Bird Coffee Roasters also works with local bakeries in the area to provide their customers with treats to pair with their specialty drinks. Our favorite drink? We tried the Mantanas Del Diamonte brew which is made up of brown sugar, cocoa, plum and cherry like fruit flavors. To learn more about this brew and the other varieties they roast, please visit their online shop.

Interested in participating in a cupping event? This Wednesday, November 9th at 10 AM, Rare Bird Coffee Roasters is holding their first free cupping event which allows you to enjoy a variety of their coffees in tasting bowls . Through sipping each coffee you can discover aromas that differentiate one from another. To sign up for this event, please call 571-314-1711.

To learn more about Rare Bird Coffee Roasters, visit their website.

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