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Acme Pie Co.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

For this week's Restaurant of the Week, we are taking a different approach and showcasing a wholesale bakery whose pies are featured at several hot spots in Arlington, Virginia. Who is this former pastry chef turned pie master? Sol Schott, owner of Acme Pie Co.

Acme Pie Co. operates uniquely in that they are a wholesale bakery. Many of your favorite restaurants in Arlington are home to these famous pies including Sehkraft Brewing Company, the Java Shack, Westover Market, Whitlow's on Wilson, William Jeffreys Tavern and many more!

Sol invited us into his kitchen to see how his creations come to life on a daily basis with his team. From the moment we arrived in the parking lot, we were instantly hit with the delightful aroma of the mouthwatering pies. As we entered the kitchen, memories of our childhood flooded into our minds as we saw each pie being crafted with love and care reminding us of how our grandmothers would make them. From the freshly peeled apples to the juicy blackberries, every pie was overflowing with deliciousness.

Sol and his team bake the pies daily depending upon which fresh ingredients are in season. Their pie selections range from the following:

-Gluten Free Key Lime

-Scottish Apple with Whiskey plumped raisins

-Pecan, Maple, and Belgian chocolate (pictured below)

-Blackberry with a Hint of Lime

-Sour Cherry

-Coconut Custard

Depending on the season, Acme Pie Co. also offers limited selections of Pumpkin, Watermelon Peach, Blueberry, Caramel Peach, Rhubarb and many more!

We highly encourage you to try a slice of one of Acme Pie Co.'s pies at any of the restaurants we listed in Arlington, VA! To learn more about Acme Pie Co., or to find out where else you can try a slice, head to their website.

*All pictures taken from Acme Pie Co.'s Website

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