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Quinn's On The Corner

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Upon our arrival at Quinn's On The Corner, we were not sure what to expect of the latest bar to open in Arlington, VA. When you first walk in, we were immediately greeted by a modernized pub feel mixed with a sports bar. The space was smaller than I thought it would be which made for a cozier atmosphere that you don't normally get in some of the other bars in Arlington. The restaurant itself features exposed brick walls, wallpaper that one would see in a Dublin pub, and an assortment of mixed pictures and various eclectic items.

We started off the tasting with Quinn's complimentary popcorn in a small metal bucket topped with Old Bay seasoning. It's the kind of popcorn that you just want to keep grabbing for after each bite!

I ordered a glass of Sparkling Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Rose and was not a fan of the sweetness mixed with the bubbly. So instead, they were gracious enough to bring me a glass of Jean Luc Colombo Rose which was much more my speed in terms of a smooth and dry flavor with an aroma of strawberry.

We first indulged in the Belgian Onion Soup which was a hearty combination of slow braised onions with Chimay, topped with Gruyere cheese. This soup was mouthwatering. Blake, who usually does not like onion soup, could not get over how good it was. We could have had 4 more bowls of it but had to hold off since it was only the first course. Next up, we each tried the Steak + Brussels Salad (pictured below) which was a delicate mix of tender 5 oz grilled hanger steak, seasoned shaved Brussels sprouts, kale and mixed greens, red onions, cherry tomatoes, Cashel blue cheese and chopped bacon--- topped with Quinn's homemade ranch dressing. While this wasn't the healthiest salad we've ever had, it was definitely one worth talking about. Steak, bacon, and blue cheese - need we say more??

Blake always loves trying new seafood and one of Quinn's signature items are their mussels. They serve three different kinds: White Wine, Bacon Blue Cheese and Truffle Mussels. We tried the Bacon Blue Cheese Mussels (pictured below) which consisted of peppered bacon, caramelized onions, garlic, Cashel blue cheese and Magners Cider. Even if you do not love seafood, the bacon and blue cheese made this a delectable dish, which found Blake scraping the plate for every last bit! So if you are a fan of mussels, we recommend trying this signature dish.

Next up, we tried the Irish Lamb Dip sandwich (pictured below - right), which consisted of slow roasted lamb, braised onions, Irish cheddar and lamb jus, all layered upon a Kummelweck roll. This sandwich dipped in the sauce made for a delightful combination. We then split the Crab Cake BLT (pictured below - left), a tasty mix of bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and Old Bay tartar sauce served on grilled multigrain bread. This was a twist on a classic BLT sandwich that I was not mad about. So tasty!

To finish off the tasting on a sweeter note, we indulged in Quinn's Lavender ice cream. Neither of us have had Lavender in our desserts before so it was certainly a sweet yet light surprise to cleanse our palate.

To find out more about Quinn's check out their menu and don't forget to visit them for happy hour or brunch on the corner of Wilson and N Quinn St (1776 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA) in Rosslyn!

*First three photos are from Quinn's Facebook Page

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