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Buying But Need to Sell First? 🤔 | Real Estate Tips | The Davenport Group

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Are you thinking about buying a home but you need to sell your home first? 🏡🤔

That would've been impossible over the last couple of years in the DMV area. But, it's more possible than ever ever right now!

We just had a client who got under contract on their DREAM home. It was bigger, it was more expensive, but they made it contingent upon the sale of their own home. We got it ready, we got it on the market, and we got it sold. Then, they used the proceeds that sale to fund that new purchase.

Navigating the buying and selling process can be difficult, but we can help! Email for more info.

Want to see what's currently on the market? Click the link below:

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At The Davenport Group, we are obsessed with delivering an unmatched real estate experience.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a home, we would be honored to help you find your place. 🏡

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