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Neighborhoods of Arlington | Met Park

Amazon's Met Park is a testament to how work and leisure can seamlessly coexist. As Blake and Leah Davenport guide you, you'll see this isn't just another corporate haven; it's a community.

The towering “Jasper” and “Merlin” office buildings dominate Met Park's landscape, offering over 2.1 million square feet to house Amazon's bustling workforce. Inside, the dynamic "centers of energy" redefine workspace with open areas for collaboration, dining, and relaxation.

Met Park embraces everyone, not just Amazonians. Its inviting ground floor atriums beckon the public, blending interior splendor with outdoor charm. The retail spaces, from Toby’s Homemade Ice Cream to Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe, enhance its allure. Moreover, Amazon's support for women- and minority-owned businesses speaks volumes about its community commitment.

Dog enthusiasts will find Met Park's pet-friendly amenities, including rooftop terraces and dedicated dog runs, heartwarming. The unique 'dog wall' inside is a delightful nod to the pets of Amazon's family.

With its LEED Platinum certification, Met Park champions sustainable design, harnessing renewable energy and optimizing water use. Its 2.5-acre public park is a green sanctuary amidst the urban, merging art, community gardens, and nature.

Initiated in 2020, Met Park’s creation signifies dedication, foresight, and an embrace of community. Whether you're an Amazonian, local resident, or a passerby, Met Park promises a glimpse into a future where innovation, community, and nature thrive together. Join us in celebrating this Arlington gem.


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