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New on the Block: Exciting Business Openings in Arlington

Arlington's dynamic business scene continues to evolve, welcoming a diverse array of new establishments that promise to enrich the community's culinary and cultural offerings. From cozy cafés to innovative eateries, the recent and upcoming business openings are a testament to the vibrant and ever-growing landscape of Arlington. Discover Arlington is thrilled to introduce you to these new local gems.

Recent Openings

Colada Shop

Bringing a splash of Cuban flavor to Arlington, Colada Shop has opened its doors, offering a colorful and lively atmosphere where guests can enjoy authentic Cuban coffees, cocktails, and traditional bites. It's the perfect spot for a casual meetup or a vibrant start to your day.


Italian cuisine enthusiasts rejoice as Carbonara makes its debut, serving up classic dishes with a modern twist. With a focus on fresh ingredients and hearty flavors, Carbonara offers a cozy dining experience that transports you straight to the heart of Italy.

Chip City Shirlington

For those with a sweet tooth, Chip City Shirlington is a dream come true. Famous for its oversized, gooey cookies in a variety of unique flavors, this bakery is sure to become a go-to spot for dessert lovers and anyone looking to indulge in a little comfort food.

Coming Soon


Anticipation is building for the opening of Cornerstone, a new restaurant that promises to be a cornerstone of the Arlington dining scene. While details are still emerging, the buzz around its innovative concept and menu has already sparked interest among local foodies.

2910 Kitchen and Bar

Set to open its doors soon, 2910 Kitchen and Bar aims to offer a blend of classic and contemporary dishes, creating a menu that's both familiar and exciting. With an emphasis on quality and creativity, this restaurant is poised to become a new favorite among Arlington residents.

Tatte Bakery & Café in Crystal City

Tatte Bakery & Café is expanding its footprint to Crystal City, bringing its beloved pastries, brunch dishes, and cozy café atmosphere to Arlington. Known for its stylish interiors and delicious offerings, Tatte is sure to become a staple for both casual meetings and leisurely meals.

Embracing Arlington's Newest Additions

These recent and forthcoming business openings reflect Arlington's diverse and evolving character, offering something for everyone, from food aficionados to casual diners. As these new spots open their doors, they invite the community to explore new flavors, experiences, and gathering places.

For more information on the latest business openings and to discover all that Arlington has to offer, visit Discover Arlington's website. Follow us on Instagram @‌DiscoverArlington to stay updated on Arlington's newest businesses, dining spots, and community events.

Step into Arlington's newest establishments and be part of the community's thriving and ever-expanding business landscape with Discover Arlington, your guide to all things local.


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