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A Taste of the World: Savoring International Cuisine in Arlington

Arlington, VA, is a melting pot of cultures, and nowhere is this more evident than in its vibrant dining scene. The city offers an array of international cuisines that take you on a gastronomic journey around the world without ever leaving its borders. Discover Arlington is excited to guide you through some of the best spots in the city where you can indulge in authentic global flavors. Join us as we explore a taste of the world right here in Arlington.

Italian Elegance: Osteria da Nino

For a slice of Italy in Arlington, Osteria da Nino is the place to be. This cozy restaurant serves up traditional Italian dishes crafted with passion and authenticity. From homemade pasta to perfectly cooked risotto, each dish is a testament to the rich culinary traditions of Italy.

Asian Fusion: Sushi-Zen

Sushi-Zen is a haven for sushi lovers and those craving Japanese cuisine with a twist. Offering an extensive menu of sushi, sashimi, and innovative rolls, this restaurant blends traditional Japanese techniques with modern flavors, creating a unique dining experience.

Mediterranean Delights: Me Jana

Me Jana transports you to the Mediterranean with its authentic Lebanese cuisine. The menu is filled with vibrant dishes, from flavorful meze to succulent kebabs, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The warm atmosphere and friendly service make Me Jana a must-visit for a taste of the Mediterranean.

Latin American Flavors: El Pollo Rico

El Pollo Rico is renowned for its mouthwatering Peruvian chicken, marinated and roasted to perfection. This casual eatery offers a taste of Latin America through its simple yet delicious menu, highlighting the robust flavors and traditional cooking methods of the region.

Spice Route: Delhi Dhaba

For those with a penchant for bold spices and aromatic dishes, Delhi Dhaba is your gateway to the flavors of India. This restaurant serves an array of classic Indian dishes, from rich curries to fluffy naan bread, each bursting with the authentic spices and herbs that define Indian cuisine.

European Charm: Ambar

Ambar brings the vibrant flavors of the Balkans to Arlington with its innovative small plates and regional specialties. The restaurant's modern take on traditional Balkan cuisine, coupled with its chic, rustic ambiance, offers a dining experience that's both authentic and contemporary.

Discover Global Flavors in Arlington

Arlington's international dining scene is a testament to the city's diverse culture and culinary prowess. Whether you're in the mood for the comforting flavors of Italy, the spice-infused dishes of India, or the fresh tastes of the Mediterranean, Arlington has a restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

For more insights into Arlington's culinary landscape and to explore other international cuisines in the city, visit Discover Arlington's website. Follow us on Instagram @‌DiscoverArlington to stay updated on the latest dining spots and foodie finds in Arlington.

Embark on a taste of the world with Discover Arlington, where every meal is a journey and every cuisine tells a story.


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