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Welcoming Upside on Moore to the Arlington Food Scene

Updated: Mar 7

Rosslyn is set to experience a culinary renaissance as the beloved Assembly food hall at Rosslyn City Center undergoes a transformative change. Come Friday, March 1st, Assembly will close its doors to make way for a vibrant new dining destination: Upside on Moore. This exciting development promises to elevate the Arlington food scene, bringing together a diverse array of flavors under one roof.

A Fresh Chapter for Rosslyn's Foodies

Assembly, known for its eclectic mix of dining options, will pass the torch to Upside on Moore, introducing an enticing lineup of eateries including the much-loved Ghostburger and Stellina Pizzeria, a cherished member of the Discover Arlington Local Perks Club. Alongside these culinary gems, patrons can look forward to savoring the offerings of Laoban Dumplings, Lucky Danger, Kam and 46, La Michoacana, and an additional coffee shop set to join the ranks.

What to Expect at Upside on Moore

Scheduled to open its doors on March 19th, Upside on Moore is not just a food hall—it's a celebration of community, culture, and cuisine. Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch, meeting friends for happy hour, or planning a special celebration, this 30,000 square foot space has something for everyone. Operated by Mothersauce Partners, the visionary team behind local favorites like Thompson Italian and City-State Brewing Company, Upside on Moore is poised to become a culinary hotspot.

  • Diverse Dining: From Michelin-rated Margherita pizzas at Stellina Pizzeria to the President's favorite burger at Ghostburger, the variety of dining options caters to all tastes.

  • Vibrant Atmosphere: The space features indoor seating, an inviting outdoor terrace, and bar seating, making it the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

  • Customizable Events: Fully equipped to host private events of all sizes, Upside on Moore offers a customizable experience for memorable gatherings.

Mark Your Calendars

The transformation of Assembly into Upside on Moore marks a significant milestone in Rosslyn's culinary journey. As we bid farewell to the old, we warmly welcome the new, inviting locals and visitors alike to embrace this exciting chapter. Mark your calendars for March 19th and be among the first to experience the culinary delights that await at Upside on Moore.

Join the Celebration with Discover Arlington

Stay tuned for more updates on Upside on Moore and other happenings in Arlington by following Discover Arlington on Instagram @DiscoverArlington and visiting our website. Embrace the opportunity to explore new flavors, connect with the community, and make every dining experience in Arlington a memorable one.

Rosslyn foodies, get ready to indulge in a world of flavors right in the heart of Arlington at Upside on Moore!


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